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YHN Balanced K2 Plus D3, 60 Tablets


Dynamic Duo: Synergistic blend of Vitamin K2 and D3 for enhanced health benefits.
Bone Health: Supports strong and healthy bones, promoting overall skeletal well-being.
Cardiovascular Support: Contributes to heart health for a balanced and active lifestyle.
Immune System Boost: Fortifies your immune system to help you stay resilient.
60 Tablets: A month’s supply of convenient, easy-to-swallow tablets.

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Elevate your daily wellness routine with YHN Balanced K2 Plus D3, a harmonious blend of essential vitamins for comprehensive health support. This bottle contains 60 tablets of a thoughtfully crafted formula that combines Vitamin K2 and D3 for optimal absorption and synergistic benefits. YHN’s Balanced K2 Plus D3 is designed to promote bone health, cardiovascular well-being, and overall immune system support. With each tablet, experience the convenience of a balanced vitamin supplement that complements your active lifestyle. Trust YHN for a premium blend that prioritizes your well-being, delivering the essential nutrients your body needs for a healthy, balanced life.


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