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Solaray – Butterbur, 60 Capsules

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(5 customer reviews)
  • Natural Wellness: Butterbur, derived from Petasites hybridus, in a convenient capsule form.
  • 60 Capsules: A month’s supply for consistent support.
  • Traditional Use: Utilized historically for various health benefits.

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Experience the power of Butterbur with Solaray’s 60-capsule offering, carefully crafted to provide natural wellness support. Traditionally known for its health benefits, Butterbur has become a popular choice for those seeking a holistic approach to well-being. Solaray’s capsules offer an easy and accessible way to incorporate this herbal supplement into your daily routine, supporting you on your journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

5 reviews for Solaray – Butterbur, 60 Capsules

  1. Decker

    Excellent transaction, thank you! Fast shipping too! First-rate!

  2. Adolph

    Mom has been taking for years, firm believer.

  3. Jessica R. Smith

    Every week, I usually get migraines that might linger up to two days. Light sensitivity, nausea, and simply lying in bed. Use ice packs and Excedrine migraine medication as usual. I started taking this every day, and after around a month, I’ve only experienced one regular headache that lasted a few hours. I’m glad that I can engage in activities again.

  4. Billy D. McLane

    Mom has been taking for years, firm believer.

  5. Michael R. Lebouef

    Helps with migraine headache–much less intense pain.

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